Emotion is chemical

Our  subconscious minds pick up clues from our environment.  These clues invoke associations in our minds, which send feelings to our consciousness.  These feelings also have the power to trigger hormonal release, as do all emotional responses.  Our association patterns extend, subconsciously, to our relationships with people.  It’s possible to have a dysfunctional marriage, which causes a chronic disease.

You may not consciously remember that you are chronically annoyed with your partner.  The pattern of your relationship could be so embedded, subconsciously, that you don’t have the ability to identify what is wrong.  But, your pituitary gland remembers.  It notifies your endocrine system to keep things out of whack!  Hormones release; emotions flare.  One more time, there you are in the emergency room.

Your home environment could be the toxin that is being released into your body.  Or it could be your work environment.  We are all experts at denial.  Our conscious minds may refuse to blame our interactions with others for the distress we feel.  So the distress goes deeper until it causes a physical response.

What does this mean?

It means that when you have eczema, migraines, a back that goes out, or any other repeating, chronic niggling annoyance in your body, there is an excellent chance it is a result of the stress of your family or work life.

What can you do about it?

Taking pills is not the answer.  You may have to take pills at the moment of the symptom, but the pills don’t solve the chronic stress that is in your life.

You have to re-examine your life and make some changes.  That’s what the disease is telling you.