The Primordial Id and Disease

The primordial id is part of our neurological system.   In each of us, it remains forever a child, and it speaks to us in childish ways.

“Do I have to pound this into your head?” the primordial id says, as the migraines begin.

“Do I have to twist your left arm?” it says, as we feel the pangs of angina.

“Do I have to cut you off at the knees?”  it says, as our knees buckle and we fall.

“Do I have to knock you out?”  it says, as we crumble in exhaustion.

“Do I have to scare you silly?”  it says, as we wake sweating from a nightmare.

“Do I have to pull teeth?” it says, as we feel excruciating mouth pain.

“Are you losing touch?” it says, as the tips of our fingers go numb.

“What?  You won’t quit that aggravating job without a reason?  I’ll give you a reason.”  It says, as we face crippling disability.

The inner id is that primitive survival mechanism of nature, which represents the child in each of us.  Like Peter Pan, it never grows up.  It manifests its desires outwardly in our bodies, although our conscious mind may never know what the inner mind controls.

Is all disease a result of stress?  What do you think?  Do you hear your primordial id?