What is success?

One day, a venture capitalist visited Peru. He happened upon a man who was making beautiful metal sculptures in his back yard. “These are a gold mine,” said the venture capitalist. “Let me build a factory to copy these. We can sell facsimiles of them on the Internet. You can be in charge of supervising the factory. We’ll work day and night for twenty years, and at the end, you’ll be fantastically wealthy.”

“What will I do when I am wealthy?” the Peruvian man asked.

“Why, then, you can do anything you want,” said the venture capitalist. “Fish. Play with your grandchildren. Make metal sculptures in your back yard. Whatever pleases you.”

The Peruvian stared, perplexed at the proposal. “I fish, play with my grandchildren, and make metal sculptures in my backyard everyday now,” he said to the odd American visitor. “I am doing what pleases me. If you don’t mind, I’ll skip the twenty years of working day and night, and be happy beginning today.”

Money, and the price to get it, may not be all it’s cracked up to be. As the Peruvian pointed out, time is what life is made of . Enjoying life occurs when we enjoy each of our daily moments. The Peruvian saw through that ruse which the venture capitalist never fathomed. Yet, the Peruvian had success, by his own measure.