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A basic principle:  Stress causes disease.  There are different causes of stress.  When you have become ill, you need your immune system to correct the problem that caused the illness.

Corollary to the basic principle:  Your immune system has the power to heal your body’s illnesses.

Question for the pharmaceutical industry: Are the drugs you sell helpful to the immune system, or harmful to it?

If you are ill, do you want to suppress the symptoms, or heal your body?  What if suppressing the symptoms makes your body’s disease worse?  For example, if you cough, that is your body’s attempt to dislodge something that needs to come up out of your throat.  If you have pain, that is your body’s alert signal to tell you to get help.  If you have a fever, that is your body’s immune system, sending heat to burn out the problem invasion.  If you have a rash, that is your body getting rid of toxins that could not come out through elimination.  If you have diarrhea, that is your body getting rid of toxins.

If you have constipation, that is a signal of an energetic blockage.

Do you want to eliminate these symptoms?  Or do you want to find the cause of the stress on your body so that your body can heal?

If you eliminate the symptoms, through pharmaceutical drugs, but you don’t relieve the stress, you will get sicker, not better.  But the drugs may mask the symptoms, allowing you to continue living with the stress, until the pressure of the stress blows up into a full-scale, chronic, horrifying disease.

Once the disease caused by the minor stress turns into a full-scale pressure caused by not relieving the stress, what do you get?  Most likely, you get a “diagnosis.”  Once you have a diagnosis, there is a book all doctors read that tells them which pharmaceutical drug to give you. Until your stress has turned into debilitating pressure, your disease doesn’t have a name.  If it doesn’t have a name, then it’s not in the Doctor Book, and there are no pills for it.  When you get a diagnosis, you can get pills. The pills don’t relieve the stress that caused the disease. They just keep you from knowing and feeling the symptoms.

It’s up to you to find the causes of stress, so your immune system can operate.  Only your own immune system can heal you.

This blog is about Stress:  its causes, its consequences, and the actions you can take to relieve it.  Each blog post talks about issues that create and relieve stressors in your life, and in your body.

I’m not a doctor.  I’m a Crone.  A wise old woman.  You can believe me, or not.  In ancient times, the wise women of the peasant country provided concoctions of herbs to heal disease.  They dispensed these herbs along with advice.  Ways to relieve stress.  It’s up to you to decide whether that advice rings your bell.


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