You have to believe it to see it

I know some people think they have to see it to believe it.  But that’s backwards, you know.

What if there were a world called Fantasyland, where the following story was true?

Following your Destiny

Throughout your life, you have the opportunity to exercise your free will and make decisions about your path.  Among all the possible paths, there is only one path that will lead you to your Destiny. At the point of your Destiny, there is a Giant Magnet, which is pulling you toward it.  You feel attracted to the magnet, so you are constantly adjusting your path, trying to find the one path that will lead to your end goal.

 Each decision you make intends to bring you closer to the magnet.  However, sometimes, the path doubles back on itself, or twists in an odd manner, and you get confused.  When this happens, you may inadvertently make a wrong decision or go down a wrong path.  As magnets do, this conflict snaps a twist in the force field between you and your destiny.  The magnet gets worried that you may be going rogue, skipping off your path, or losing power.  It sends out an alarm signal.  When the alarm sounds, the path rises up to shake, push, nudge, shove, smack, or roll you back on track.   These disruptions to your path are called “accidents”, but they are not accidental.  They are Destiny interacting with you.  This continues to happen until you meet your destiny. 


We know this story is mythical.  But, what if you believed this?   What if, every time you experienced an accident, a coincidence, an odd circumstance, a chance encounter, or a strange synchronicity, you believed it to be an action of the magnet of Destiny?  If you believed it, then accidents and problems would look like opportunities to adjust your direction.  You would experience the bad things in life as if they were good and helpful things.  When you lost something, you would think you did not need it. You would think when you broke your arm on the way to a meeting, you were not meant to do that deal.  You would think when you broke a lamp, you must have had some use for an extra lampshade.    If you believed in the laws of FantasyLand, every bad thing that happened would be perceived as guidance from the universe.  You would come to expect all experience to be positive.  You would feel gratitude for the course correction, rather than frustration and dismay for the obstacle. You would feel gratitude, rather than rage. This would be a totally different way to look at difficult situations than the way you probably look at them now.  If you felt gratitude to the magnet for guiding you to your destiny, instead of frustration and despair, do you think your health would improve?

Emotional response is chemical reaction in the body, which results in hormonal imbalance and causes disease.  Do you believe that feeling positive gratitude about frustrating things would change your emotional response to any situation?  Do you see that your innermost core belief system impacts your emotional response, which changes your chemical reactions, which impacts your hormones, which results in your state of disease? 

You have to believe it to see it.  Try believing in the Giant Magnet story of Fantasyland for one month.  Did something heal?

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